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  • earlorfphotos

    on February 10, 2014

    Thanks, Marvin for that information. I will watch for the other banded Oystercatchers. Earl Orf

  • Guest

    on February 10, 2014


    My name is Marvin Friel and I work for the District 1 office for the Florida State Parks. Thanks for this great photo. I just wanted to clarify something for you about this bird. This bird, AL, was banded actually at St. George Island State Park and was banded in 2012 by our staff. The bird banding lab should have known that there are two duplicates of this band, one on St. Catherine which you were given and the other by us, the only difference is the location of the metal band. The St. Catherine AMOY should have the metal band on the lower left side and our bird has the metal band on the lower right. I didn't want to disappoint you but just to make this clarification. Thanks again. To note, we have 5 birds in total that are banded at St. George Island State Park so look out for them!
    Marvin Friel
    District 1 Biology
    Florida State Parks
    Panama City, FL 32408

  • Shawn

    on February 9, 2014

    Fun series! Enjoyed all of them! I saw my Black Oystercatcher in Washington and American Oystercatcher in Texas.