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  • earlorfphotos

    on August 22, 2010

    Hi Shawn, All the field guides that I looked at show them as black with the exception of the Peterson Guide which shows it as brown. That is an illustration, however, not a photo. When I looked up White Admiral on most of the photos show these butterflies as being black but it does show several photos of brown individuals. These seemed to be pretty well worn. So, I can't find anything definite about the color difference but it does seem like some can be brown. The other possibility is that the underside of the wings is brown with a white stripe. Were you seeing the underside of the wings?

  • Shawn

    on August 22, 2010

    I didn't realize we had an invasive butterfly problem!

    Say, I saw a bunch of White Admirals on a trail yesterday and noticed that a few of them were actually brown in the areas where the Admiral in your photo is nearly black. Do you know if that brown color indicates age or sex?